MILDRED PIERCE: First look at Guy Pearce as Monty Beragon

On March 27th, director Todd Haynes will bring James Cain’s MILDRED PIERCE to HBO as a new mini-series.

Among those cast, is Guy Pearce. Guy will be playing Monry Beragon. Here is the publicity show of Guy as Monty, along with some comments from Executive producer Christine Vachon and Haynes.

“It was, howerver, a bit tricky finding the right Monty Beragon with the perfect combination of dashing allure and a slight seediness to him,” says Executive producer Christine Vachon. “Getting Guy Pearce was a real coup and the chemistry between him and Kate is really wonderful.”

Adds dirctor Todd Haynes, “Guy Pearce just embodies Monty Beragon. I don’t know how he does it. Watching him become Monty was a thoroughly thrilling thing to behold as he got to the core of that blueblood inherited way of speaking and carrying oneself. It was a beautiful counter-energy to Mildred, who represents middle-class upbringing and all the potential it represents.”