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Miramax buys rights to Richard Price’s Lush Life.

Critically acclaimed author Richard Price will see his writings take another run at the silver screen.

Price, best known for crime novels that examine racial and societal divides, has sold the film rights for his new novel Lush Life.

A restaurant manager and his bartender set out to walk a drunken friend home on New York’s Lower East Side. One of the men winds up on the wrong end of a bullet, and a murder investigation reveals much about the city and the characters involved in a mugging gone wrong.

This will be the fifth time a Price novel has been made into a movie.

In the late 70s, Bloodbrothers (starring Richard Gere and Paul Sorvino) and The Wanderers (Ken Wahl, Karen Allen) were made into movies.

In 1995, Spike Lee made Clockers, with Havery Keitel and John Turturro.

Most recently was Freedomland (2006).

Freedomland starred Samuel L Jackson and Julianne Moore and was directed by producer Joe Roth. While Roth has some directing experience, this was his first stab at a drama and it really showed. He previously directed comedies such as Christmas with the Cranks and Americas Sweethearts. Price’s work tends to be complex and requires a subtle hand to avoid being preachy.

Freedomland was disjointed and ultimately, a very unsatisfying film.

Scott Rudin has half about half of films you have seen. He is, at least partially, responsible for No Country for Old Men, Nobody’s Fool, The Firm and Cluelass. Interestingly enough, he was the casting director for The Wanderers. My own hope is that Rudin will bring in a strong screenwriter and director and deliver a film that truly reflects the power of the words of Richard Price.

In addition to writing novels, Price has also handled some of the screenwriting duties for The Wire.

If you ever get a chance to meet author Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone) ask him about the first time he met Mr. Price.