Miramax purchases rights to Marcus Sakey’s The Blade Itself

More good news for film fans that like quality crime fiction:

Miramax has purchased the film rights to Marcus Sakey’s The Blade Itself. LivePlanet, a production company owned by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, will be producing.

On the South Side of Chicago, you’re only as strong as your reputation. Danny Carter and his best friend Evan earned theirs knocking over pawnshops and liquor stores, living from score to score, never thinking of tomorrow.

Then a job went desperately wrong, and in the roar of a gun blast, everything changed.

Years later, Danny doesn’t think about his past. He’s built a new world for himself: a legitimate career, a long-term girlfriend, and a clean conscience. He’s just like anyone else. Normal. Successful. Happy.

Until he spots his old partner staring him down in a smoky barroom mirror.

The book will be adapted by Aaron Stockard. Stockard is a childhood friend of Affeck and Damon. He previously worked as an assistant on Good Will Hunting and The Talented Mr. Ripley, and recently co-wrote Gone Baby Gone with Affeck.

This will be his first solo screenplay.

LivePlanet has generally handled relatviely small projects, including the Project Greenlight films. Among their bigger films have been the second and third American Pie films as well as Ridley Scott’s Matchstick Men. Gone Baby Gone is their most recent film, with two documentaries in production right now as well as having plans for a remake of TRON…don’t ask me why.