Mockingbird by Chelsea Cain and Joelle Jones

mockingbird1Mockingbird #1
Chelsea Can and Joelle Jones
Marvel Comics

This new series opens with a nice murder mystery as we get in glimpse into who Bobbie Morse is now and who she was. Bobbi’s college mentor and the woman who got her into S.H.I.E.L.D. is murdered and Bobbi comes in to find out who and why. Through her investigation we get a look at what brought her to be an agent and who she is now. Who she is includes being someone who can kick ass, has a great sense of humor and can lie easily when she needs to. I love the way Cain writes her with a dry sense of humor. She hasn’t ignored the past with Hawkeye and if you know Mockingbird at all you know it’s .. well… it’s complicated. It seems as though her current love interest may be more of a like interest, something to keep Bobbi distracted when when’s not working.
The artwork is great, parts are a bit of homage to Nick Fury agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. by Steranko and some fo the angles remind me of crime TV shows that get it right.

This was a great first issue and I look forward to more.

There was also a teaser/prelude to a new character named Red Widow, kind of a young protégé of Black Widow, but more because she was put in this position not because she chose it. Looking forward to more of this as well.