Monday Monday Quote: OUT OF SIGHT

Before we go any further, let me start by saying this week’s choice features language that may not be suitable for all readers. Discretion is advised.

This week we take a look at a section of the delightful OUT OF SIGHT. Based on the novel by Elmore Leonard, OOS has a pretty damn good cast with George Clooney, Ving Rhames, Steve Zahn, Don Cheadle, Jennifer Lopez and Albert Brooks.

Maurice and his flunky Himey are extorting money out of a fellow inmate, an older one named Ripley (Albert Brooks). Foley (George Clooney) offers up his two sense:

JACK FOLEY Sits at the far end of the table, reading a thick manual ofsome kind. Himey gives him a mean stare. Foley points to asign that says “QUIET PLEASE.”

FOLEY (George Clooney): Sign says “Shut the fuck up.” Or can’t you guys read?

MAURICE (Don Cheadle): There a problem, Foley?

FOLEY: Yeah.

Foley shuts the big book — CHILTON’S AUTO REPAIR.

FOLEY: Yeah, I got a problem. This is the dumbest fucking shakedown in the history

of dump shakedowns. Three hundred bucks for a pillow?

MAURICE: That’s right.

RIPLEY (Albert Brooks): Sounds high, doesn’t it?

FOLEY: Must be a real soft pillow.


Faux goose down.

RIPLEY: Still…

FOLEY: How much for your company at chow?

MAURICE: Company, shit. I watch the man’s back.

FOLEY: I bet. How much?

MAURICE: Another C.

Foley shakes his head, turns to Ripley.

FOLEY: You’re smart, Ripley, you’ll tell this guy to fuck off.

RIPLEY: Really? Well, I uhhh…

FOLEY: First of all, if he kills you, he’s not gonna get any more money out of you.

Ripley looks at Maurice: Good point.

MAURICE: Man doesn’t have to get killed. He could accidentally fall on something sharp, like a shiv. Or my dick.

Ripley turns back to Foley now: Also a good point.

FOLEY: You stick anything in this guy, Snoop, they transfer his ass outta here faster’n you can throw a fight, and you still end up with nothing.

Ripley nods, takes this in.

MAURICE: This doesn’t concern you, Foley. Why don’t you go on out to the yard, have yourself a smoke?

FOLEY: I don’t smoke.

HIMEY (slowly rising): You heard the man. Go on outta here.

Foley doesn’t move, just gives the guy a bored once over.

MAURICE: Himey here’s a pro-toh-jay of mine. He’s ranked number thirty-two in the federal prison system.

FOLEY (looking at Himey): Thirty-two outta what, twenty?

Himey bulldozes forward, pulling his massive fist back to clock Foley in the head when…

…in one swift motion Foley brings his book up in one hand, like he’s throwing a pie, and drives the hefty repair manual into Himey’s face, snapping the big guy’s head back, sending his feet flying out from under him so that he hits the floor back-first with a loud thud.

Maurice goes for Foley who picks up the chair just as we hear A WHISTLE. They all freeze, look to…


Who nods towards the door. We PAN OVER just as A GUARD APPEARS, takes in the scene as a dazed Himey slowly pulls himself up, covers his now bleeding nose.

GUARD: What’s going on here?

MAURICE: Oh, you know, reading’s funnamental an’ shit, we just excited.

As a special added bonus, we have a clip of this very scene! God bless You Tube.