Monday Movie Quote: BEOWOLF & GRENDEL.

Ok, today’s MMQ comes from the lovely and talented Lise McClendon, author of seven books. If you are unfamilar with her, get off your ass and check her out!

This comes from 2005’s Beowulf & Grendel which features Gerald Bulter going all medieval before he became famous for going all medieval in 300 (yes, I know that neither is actually set in medieval times, but we use the term medieval to describe swords and armor and whatnot so leave me alone.).

Brendan the Celt: Wise king, you must know of the name of Clovis.
King Hrothgar: The Frank?
Brendan the Celt: The Frank. Yes, yes, the Frank. The Christian sword of a land ten times what the Danes hold dear.
Beowulf: He’s dead.
Brendan the Celt: Yes, ten years now. But not before he saw God’s grace. The Visigoths of Aquitaine, the Romans under Syagrius, the Burgundians, Alamannians all fell before him, and all because he had God’s ear.
King Hrothgar: As I recall, he also had a thousand swords, neighbors soft on wine and pork, and no ice on his rivers…
Beowulf: And no fucking trolls.
King Hrothgar: And no fucking trolls!

No fucking trolls indeed! If you have a suggestion for MMQ, drop me a line with the scene and source film. Suggestions can be sent to