Monday Movie Quote: DEAD AGAIN.

Cozy Carlisle (Robin Williams): You take what you’ve learned from this life and use it in the next. That’s karma.
Mike Church (Kenneth Branagh) : I thought karma was I do something bad in this life and I’m a termite in the next.
Cozy Carlisle: Hey, if you ask me, pal, you’re already a termite in this life in a shitty suit, OK?

Kenneth Branagh first came to my attention with 1991’s DEAD AGAIN. Written by Scott Frank (THE LOOKOUT, OUT OF SIGHT, GET SHORTY), DA was directed by Branagh and starred him and Emma Thompson.

The above exchange occurs when Church consults former shrink Cozy Carlisle regarding hypnosis and past lives. The film is smart, smooth and tense at all the right moments.