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Monday Movie Quote: DEAD HEAT.

Det. Roger Mortis (Treat Williams): You know, the weird thing is, I feel fine. I feel like I could run in the Boston Marathon.

Det. Doug Bigelow (Joe Piscopo): Hey, no, you couldn’t, Roger. It’s not opened to dead people.

Det. Roger Mortis: You think they’d check?

Det. Doug Bigelow: Oh, they’re very strict now.

In 1988, a gem of a flick called DEAD HEAT was released. Treat Williams is Det Roger Mortis. Early in the film, he is drowned in a hot tub. Fortunately for him (kind of), the villiam he is after he discovered a way to reanimate the dead. So now Roger, along with his parter Det Doug Bigelow (Joe Piscopo), he can solve his own murder. But reanimation does not stop decomposition so every second counts.

This puppy is hardly a good film, but it has it’s moments and can be considered a guilty pleasure of mine.