Monday Movie Quote: FANDANGO

The scene:
Five college buddies are driving to Mexico. The car, belonging to Phil, runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

Gardner comes up with an idea: They will use some steel cable (from a nearby fence) to hook the car up to the back of an oncoming train. Upon doing this, Phil asked the question: How we will stop?

It turns out that it is a moot point: The train rips the front of the car clean off and hauls it away.

So we now see the silhouette of our merry band pushing the remains of the car down the highway:
Philip (Judd Nelson): First phone we get to, l’m calling the police.

Gardner (Kevin Costner): Now, Now, Philip, can’t let a little thing like this stop the damn pilgrimage.

Ever here of FANDANGO? I would not be shocked if the answer is no. It was Kevin Costner and Judd Nelson’s first film as stars. The two of them are part of a group of friends that call themselves the Groovers. The film is set in 1971 as they all prepare to graduate (Well, not all as Gardner dropped the ball on the whole school thing) from the University of Texas. Some are looking at Vietnam, while others have no idea what the future has in store for them.

They all decide to road Trip to the Mexican border to dig up a bottle of Dom that they buried years earlier.

Not a great film, but an entertaining one with more than a few good lines.

I want to thank Jimmy Callaway for reminding me of this film. It was a beloved part of my youth.

I have a confession: This film inspired me and a couple of pals to hop into a car, in the middle of the night, and road trip to Mexico. We left around 2am Sunday morning and arrived late Monday morning.