Monday Movie Quote: FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME.

Gus is Billy’s catcher.

Gus Sinski (John C. Reilly): Trying to take my hand off?
Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner): Sorry.
Gus Sinski: Just let me set for that juice. Warn me or something.
Billy Chapel: I’m gonna throw a little harder than usual today. There’s your warning.
Gus Sinski: Chap, don’t throw it away too early.
Billy Chapel: Today I’m throwing hard.
Gus Sinski: You and me? One more time?
Billy Chapel: Why not?

I am not a person that elevates Baseball to the level of religiion. Field of Dreams annoys me for that very reason.

But For The Love Of The Game does get to me. Billy is pitching what looks to be his final game. He is a hall of fame pitcher whose best days are past him. The idea of a man summoning everthing he has and going out in glory is still magical. This film is not great, but the baseball parts are pretty good. The idea of of mates rallying around him, not letting him fail still touches me.

And he is facing the Yankees. That does not hurt.