Monday Movie Quote: I LOVE YOU TO DEATH.

Rosalie Boca (Tracy Ullman): They look like drug addicts.
Devo Nod (River Phoenix): Well, they are drug addicts.
Rosalie Boca: Oh my God. You hired drug addicts?
Devo Nod: Who’d you expect me to hire? The Red Cross?
Nadja (Joan Plowright): They seem like very polite boys.
Rosalie Boca: I don’t like having drug addicts in my house.
Nadja: Oh no, Rosalie. Don’t think of them as drug addicts. Think of them as killers.

Inspired by a real-life story in which a wife attempted to kill her cheating husband. When all was said and done, the husband refused to press charges because he was in the wrong.

This scene takes place after Rosalie has poisoned her husband. Devo, a young employee that has a crush on Rosalie, has hired a couple of thugs to finish off the hubby.

In addition to the aforementioned actors, ILYTD also stars William Hurt, Kevin Kline and Keanu Reeves