So we are going to start up something new: Each Monday, we will post a movie quote. Something that tickles the fancy of one of the folk here at CC.

I am starting it off with a film that most have likely never seen.
KICKING & SCREAMING by Noah Baumbach. Noah made a few films in the mid 90s (K&S came out in 1995) and disappeared. He recently returned to film with 2005’s THE SQUID AND THE WHALE and 2007’s MARGOT AT THE WEDDING.

K&S is about a handful of recent college grads that sit around and chattering, with wit and sarcasm, about life. The difference between this film and most of the others like it is that these guys realize they are simply avoiding growing up and that their actions are a little on the pathetic side.

I was torn between two bits of dialogue and am posting both.

The first is when the gang has just graduated and are sitting in a local bar, talking about whehter or not to go to the local college hangout.

Max (Chris Eigman): I don’t need to go to a campus bar to be reminded of my lack of success with a bunch of thrill seeking snotty college kids.
Skippy (Jason Wiles) : That’s us; we’re like celebrities to them.
Max: No, we were celebrities. Now going back would be like doing Hollywood Squares. I’m too nostalgic, I’ll admit it.
Skippy: We graduated four months ago. What can you possibly be nostalgic for?
Max: I’m nostalgic for conversations I had yesterday. I’ve begun reminiscing events before they even occur. I’m reminiscing this right now. I can’t go to the bar because I’ve already looked back on it in my memory… and I didn’t have a good time.

I once put that last bit on my answering machine. A little too cute? Sure, but still a nice bit o’ dialogue.

The second quote is from the end of the film, when Grover (Josh Hamilton) expresses his affection for Jane (Olivia d’Abo). It is mid afternoon and both are a little drunk after spending the day drinking whiskey.

Grover: Ok, the way I see it, if we were an old couple, dated for years, graduated, away from all these scholastic complications, and I reached over and kissed you, you wouldn’t say a word, you’d be delighted, probably, but if I was to do that now it’d be quite forward, and if I did it the first time we ever met you probably would hit me.
Jane: What do you mean?
Grover: I just wish we were an old couple so I could do that.