Monday Movie Quote: TALK RADIO.

For many, Eric Bogosian is simply the boss (or was the boss) on LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT.

But in 1988, he adapted his play TALK RADIO for the big screen. Oliver Stone directed, and co-wrote, and Eric starred as Barry Champlain, a brutal radio show host that made a living enraging those around him. The play and film were inspired by the book Talked To Death: The Life and Murder of Alan Berg by Stephan Singular.

In this scene, Barry brings a fan into the studio. The fan, Kent, is a long-haired fellow that looks like he enjoys a good party.

Barry: We have a very special guest with us tonight… Kent. Say hello to everybody, Kent.
Kent: Alright!
Barry: My sentiments exactly. We’ve brought Kent on board to get an inside look on the future of America. Kent is the classic American youth: energetic and resourceful, spoiled, perverse, and disturbed. Would you say that’s an accurate description, Kent?
Kent: Yup, sure!
Barry: Now what do you call that haircut?
Kent: I don’t know… Rock and roll!
Barry: …Are you high right now Kent?
Kent: Am I high?
Barry: Are you on drugs, or is this your naturally moronic self?
[Kent leans over laughing]
Barry: Watch the drool, you’re getting all over the console.