Monday Movie Quote: THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-RI

Rear Adm. George Tarrant (Fredric March): Where do we get such men? They leave this ship and they do their job. Then they must find this speck lost somewhere pn the sea. When the find it they have to land on it’s pitching deck. Where do we get such men?

William Holden’s career contained a number of classic films, but THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-RI is often overlooked. This grim film, set during the Korean War, starred Holden, March, Grace Kelly and Mickey Rooney.

William Holden is naval pilot Lt Harry Brubaker. Brubaker is in the reserves and struggles with being called into active duty.

The movie’s ending is not a happy one, but Holden insisted they keep dour ending that was from the book. Had it been changed, Holden would have quit the film.