Monday Movie Quote: ZERO EFFECT (1998)

I’ll let Steve Arlo (Ben Stiller) describe his employer Daryl Zero (Bill Pullman):

I’m telling you he never even leaves the house, okay. I mean he’s like some kind of recluse. Complete freak. No social life. In fact, no social skills. It’s a strange fucking thing. When he’s working, the smoothest operator you’ve ever seen. Brave, slick, cunning, can do anything. Soon as he gets off work, it’s all gone. Afraid to go to the dry cleaners. Literally. Too uncomfortable in his own skin to go out and eat. Tactless and inept. Rude, too. Just an asshole.

And a little back-and-forth:

Daryl Zero: I did find one other thing of interest, though.
Steve Arlo: Holy shit, those are the keys. You found the gold Swiss Army knife.
Daryl Zero: I know.
Steve Arlo: And this is the safe deposit box key. Where’d you find them?
Daryl Zero: They were in the sofa, under the cushion.
Steve Arlo: What?
Daryl Zero: They were stuck in the couch in his office.
Steve Arlo: Was he hiding them there? Is that possible?
Daryl Zero: Not possible. That’s where they fell out of his pocket, over a year ago.
Steve Arlo: So… what do you make of this?
Daryl Zero: I think that just as I feared, Ms. Sullivan doesn’t know a thing about these keys.
Steve Arlo: Wait–the keys are a coincidence?
Daryl Zero: Yes.
Steve Arlo: That’s–confusing.
Daryl Zero: Yep.
Steve Arlo: Doesn’t seem like a good thing.
Daryl Zero: Sure it is. It’s good because the man has been looking for his keys for a *year*. And I’ve found them.

–Gerald So