MONSTER by Dave Zeltserman

MONSTER by Dave Zeltserman
The Overlook Press August 2012

I’ve always wanted to use the phrase, “local boy done good,” and now I can. Dave Zeltserman is from the Boston area and is the autor of Pariah, Killer, Outsourced and The Caretaker of Lorne Field. The first three are crime novels set in and around Boston. Dave Z gets it right. His novels contain the little nuances about this area that you would have to be from here to know – it’s right on. Caretake, is a tale of horror that took me by surprise when I read it. It was a fresh, surprising turn to the horror genre and I was impressed by his versatility.

Monster is Zeltserman’s new book, due out later this summer. It’s the story of Frankenstein told from the perspective of the brain used in the monster. Some people will love this book, others will hate it. I fucking flat out loved it. It’s a gothic monster crime novel. I suspect that some will toss it off and say it’s a Tarantino-esque ripoff of a classic tale. Fuck you; Tarantino rules and so does Dave Z. The story is written, to me, in a sparse style that contains amazing imagery. It made me often think of The Fugitive TV series from the 60s. When you read the book, I think you see what I mean if you are familiar with the series. I was also surprised by the content. This is a graphic, brutal story with heart and soul… at least that’s how I read it.

I had no issues with this book. I even loved the cover. Dave Zeltserman is one of the few writers today who is consistently putting out new and exciting material. I don’t know why he isn’t more well known. That will change, and I’m betting sooner than later.

Dave Wahlman