More FABLES Please

I believe that humans are capable of many things, great things, things no one would expect.
Bill Willingham’s series for Vertigo, FABLES, proves that we can achieve great things.

I also believe with motivation we can be better, faster, more productive.
This is why I would like to introduce Bill Willingham to RED BULL energy Drink and Rock Star Energy drink. I believe that with enough of these Bill could achieve what my wife suggested and that I would love, FABLES as a weekly series.

Also. look for a nice piece about it in issue #20 of Crimespree written by my wonderful bride.
Fables is without a doubt my very favorite comic to read right now. I want more more more.
So please Bill, Mr. Willingham, I beg you, please drink more coffee, or tea, or red bull. If you need more let me know, we’ll send some. I’m sure there are other fans out there willing to help as well.