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More folks to pop up on CHUCK.

Earlier this month, I expressed happiness about the fact that Jordana Brewster had signed on for Chuck for a multi Episode arc.

Now news comes that others will be popping up in the second season.

Emmy winner John Larroquette (Night Court, currently on Boston Legal) will be coming on board. Larroquette will be playing a character that is described as “a washed-up former spy and seducer of women” named Roan Montgomery. Roan is brought in to help Chuck in the ways of seduction.

Boston Legal is returning for a final season, one that will be shorter and will get less money from ABC.

As I understand it, the payroll has also been cut, so I would assume that Larroquette is gone from Legal.

Michael Clarke Duncan will also be appearing this season. No word on the character, other than he will be playing a villan.

Duncan is a hyoooge fellow that has appeared in The Green Mile, The Whole Nine Yards and Sin City.
Also coming on board is Tony Hale, Hale has previously been seen on Andy Barker P.I. and Arrested Development.
Hale will be the new Asst Manager of Buy More.