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More Great Books

Well, TILT-A -WHIRL was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but it turned out to be a great read. It’s the first in the series from this ad executive with a background that goes to comedy. He also did the ad campaign for TROJAN MAN, a wonderful way to sell condoms.

The book takes place in a resort town called Sea Haven and is a wonderful setting for a book. The narration comes from Danny Boyle, who is actually a bit of a sidekick with a bent towards being a smart ass. A dead millionaire and kidnapped daughter later the book really starts humming and the ending is not what I expected, which is getting rare these days! I would say it would be a good idea to get this as soon as it comes out.

I finished the Randisi/Matthews book also. This was such a pleasure to read. SAME TIME , SAME MURDER, while telling the story of how Gil and Claire Hunt met, is also a great whodunit set at a mystery convention. Seamless plotting and story telling at it’s finest. St. Martins should really put these out in paperback too.

I also read the new Kirk Russell book, DEADGAME. This time out our wildlife officers are tracking Salmon poachers, add a little Russian mob action, some ex-cons and a few budget cuts, and what you have in your hands is another great book from Russell. Anyone who han’t read him yet should, he’s a real talent.

I just started THE DARWIN CONSPIRACY by John Darnton. I picked it up thinking it would be a book trying to get buzz from that Da Vinci book. Nope. This is definitely a book standing on it’s own merit. Plus Darnton is a mucg better author. The story opens with a man kind of lost and recovering from tragedy. He is doing research for a degree and begins to lose interest. He becomes fascinated with Charles Darwin and starts looking into the man’s life. Written with flashbacks to Darwin’s time it is a lot of fun and beautifully written.

And don’t forget, Zoe Sharp’s book comes out Sept. 1st!!