More Ken Bruen film news

Crimespree Cinema has confirmed THR reports that David Logan will adapt Ken Bruen’s Once Were Cops for the big screen.

Michael O’Shea is a member of Ireland’s police force, known as The Guards. He’salso a sociopath who walks a knife edge between sanity and all-out mayhem. Whenan exchange program is initiated and twenty Guards come to America and twentycops from the States go to Ireland, Shay, as he’s known, has his lifelong dream
come true—he becomes a member of the NYPD. But Shay’s dream is about to become New York’s nightmare.

Paired with an unstable cop nicknamed Kebar for his liberal use of a short, lethal metal stick called a K-bar, the two unlikely partners become a devastatingly effective force in the war against crime.

But Kebar harbors a dangerous secret: he’s sold out to the mob to help his sister. Her rape and beating leaves her in a coma and pushes an already unstable Kebar over the edge just as Shea’s dark secrets threaten boil over and into the streets of New York.

The film rights were purchased by Articulus Entertainment.

We hope to have comments from AE and pos Mr. Logan in the near future.