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More new comics aug.26th

Here’s another batch for ya.

Also check back later this week for a special review of Lex Luthor Man of Steel and an interview with a special guest

The Immortal Iron Fist – Marvel #17
Duane Swierczynski writes this comic like he writes his novels, Outstandingly brilliant. And Travel Foreman’s artwork is something to behold. It has the perfect edge for the text.
There’s a new killer in town, he has one target. He’s studied his target and is about to strike. Find out what is going to happen.

Fathom – Aspen #1

J.T. Krul has written a great story to the start of this series, and Ale’ Garza’a artwork shows the cool blues and fiery reds of both above and below water excellently.

Does Atlantis (or similar place) really exist? Do their people really want to destroy humanity? This comic starts to answer those questions and more. Check it out.

The Punisher Kill the Marvel Universe – Marvel (stand alone)
Everyone dies. Frank Castle is a one man wrecking ball. Garth Ennis has once again delivered the goods. Dougie Braithwaite’s artwork skillfully depicts each death with just enough brain matter and guts to be tasteful. Buy this one and see how Frank does in each and every one of the Marvel characters.

The Punisher Little Black Book – Marvel (one shot)

I see now why Victor Gischler is an artist at his craft. The wording leaps from the pages and draws you right into the pages. Then Jefte Palo’s artwork rams home the images like a bolt on a machine gun ready to blow you away. It’s shadowy figures really set off the text well. I’m Not going to tell you about this one you have to see it. This is a must own for any Punisher collector.
Remember to check back here later this week for a special review and interview you won’t want to miss.