Mouse Guard – The Black Axe

Archia’s runaway hit series Mouse Guard is once again taking us on along for a ride as a quest begins in the search for a fabled weapon known as The Black Axe.
The first issue is set up as we discover who the last two member of this family line are. Celanawe is one of the mouse guard and as he is setting up a post on the edge of the sea he is visited by Em, an elderly mouse who is wise and has instigated the quest.

After fending off an attack by a band of four Fishers they get a chance to talk and Em produces a paper charging Celanawe with assisting Em in her quest.

Once again David Petersen has done a wonderful job with this world he has created. It is filled with it’s own lore and magic and each book adds layers to the mythology of the series. in addition to top notch writing the rt by Petersen is amazing. it is a luscious feeling book and is worth a second run through just to take in the wonderful look of it all.

If you haven’t started the series yet I would suggest picking up a couple of the collections:

Mouse Guard Volume Two: Winter 1152