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Mr. Cruise, leave our Butch alone.

Cruise is the Sundance Kid.
John Travolta is Butch.

Nope, can’t picture it. That is a good thing because I think the mental image might be enough to make me physically ill.

But that is a rumor that is floating around.

Redford and Newman’s chemistry was the stuff of legends. Trying to replicate it would be like trying to ape the charm and style of Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn…it simply should not happen.

Newman and Redford bonded on the film and became lifelong friends. Watching the film, it is clear that there was something special happening.

If Mr. Cruise wants to do a film with JT, fine. Just do something original and leave the classics alone.

But the rumor got my mind working and I can honestly on think of one duo that would not be a total disaster: George Clooney and Brad Pitt. They clearly have chemistry (though who doesn’t Clooney have chemistry with? George could deliver a solid paring with Castro) and are the correct general ages and styles.

I am not saying they should remake, B&S…nobody should, but they are the only two that might make some sense.