Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee

mmmMurder and Mayhem

10 years ago Penny Halle came to me and asked if Ruth and I could help her set up a mystery day. We brought in 7 authors and did a 2 hour panel.
The next year we went bigger, a whole day of panels and more authors. Last fall we had around 14 authors and the event ran from 9 – 5.

In less than two weeks we are hosting Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee for the first time, version 2.0 if you will. The facility is awesome, food courts, right in a hotel with a casino. We have 23 authors coming in. There have been a load of books donated for the book bags. Our book seller is geared up and ready to rock. We’ve had t-shirts and coffee mugs made with our spanking new logo.

2013Muskego (27)These are all wonderful things. But do you know what makes this work?

We have single track programming, meaning no one has to decide which panel to go to, no one misses anything. The authors hang out all day and interact with the fans. It is an intimate way to do an author event. Each year we’ve made an effort to bring in authors the fans will enjoy and this year I think we’ve got a great line up.
Kristi Belcamino, Susanna Calkins, Dana Cameron, Jessie Chandler, Sean Chercover, Matthew Clemons, Blake Crouch, Clare O’Donohue, Jamie Freveletti, Ian Hamilton, Chris Holm, Julie Hyzy, Jess Lourey, Daniel B. O’Shea, Lori Rader-Day, Lynne Raimondo, Rob Riley, Todd Robinson, Marcus Sakey, Tom Schreck, Alex Segura, Johnny Shaw. Patricia Skalka and Frank Wheeler.

We’ve put together some really fun panels with moderators who LOVE this stuff. As far as I’m concerned there is no better way to spend a day than to hang out with fellow fans of the crime fiction genre. I think everyone attending will walk out happy with a list of new authors to read, and hopefully a boatload of books!

 MMMLogoIf you are coming in from out of town there are some great things to do nearby. The Harley Davidson Museum is just down the road about a half mile. The art museum here in Milwaukee is great. We have a lot of other smaller museums and there are also brewery tours. Lakefront and Milwaukee Brewing in particular are really good.

We hope to see you there on November 1st, and for years to come as well!

Need to register or find a hotel? Just want to donate to help out the event?
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