my latest Top Cow reads

City Of Heroes #20

The end of this says that the story continues on line, so I get the impression this is the last issue, at least for now. Jon Landy’s pencils are great. I love his layout and I love the expressions he gives the characters. Sean Fish and Matt Miller did a nice job on the story, it has a feeling of history and also gives a feelign of anticipation of what’s to come. Nice issue.

Witchblade #108

One Good Turn part one by Ron Marz is lots of fun. It opens with a little casual mayhem from Celestine and then moves to a scene with Sara getting a visit from Danielle. Danielle wants to give back the Witchblade, and after recent events quite frankly who could blame her? But Sara doesn’t want it back and from the lloks of it, the witchblade dosen’t want to go back. They come to an aggrement that will have Sara helping Danielle learn how to use it. As they leave they get attacked by Celestine.
Marz has a great feel for these characters and I can’t wait to see where he goes with this next.
The art rocks, and the coloring really adds to the mood. Sami Basri manages to give the book a realistic feel with out getting overly cheesecake.
The back up feature, also by Marz, Tales of The Witchblade :New Arrival has us in fuedel Japan. I’m enjoying the stories that add to the legend and I have to say that the art by Koe Prado is top notch, sleek and warm and very intricate.

Freshmen II #6

This comic is one of my new favorites. I love the premise of the new heroes discovering their powers and banding together. With each issue Sterbakov adds another layer to the characters. He portrays them in a subtle way and not over playing a thing, yet still getting across the frustrations and confusion they are going through. Sterbakov treats both his characters and his readers with respect.
In this issue the team is going through some changes and it looks like they might be done. Someone is gunning for them and Norrin decides enough is enough and makes a decision he may regret. The Freshmen is a comic to watch, it gets better and better.