My Top Ten (plus a few more) Most Anticipated Movies of 2012 (until October)

Narrowing down the list of movies for this list I realized there is just too many. So, I cheated. Here are my top then with some honorable mentions at the end. Also, this list is just until October; too many movies after summer have no previews and very little information about them. Further ado and whatnot, here we go.

10. (Tie) MEN IN BLACK III- The second one was, frankly, bad. And this wouldn’t have make the list if the teaser trailer hadn’t been so damn good. It’s risky using time travel but we get Josh Brolin is doing an impression of Tommy Lee Jones so good, it’s scary good.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN- I almost feel bad putting this so low on the list. It almost didn’t make it at all but the style, cast and idea actually do sound cool. Problem is, they haven’t been clear about where this movie stands. Plus, the Lizard just isn’t a compelling villain. It has a lot going for it but even more against it. Hopefully, it can crawl up that hill it has to overcome.

9. DARK SHADOWS- I confess, I’ve never seen the old soap opera but know how beloved it is. Tim Burton plus Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloe Mortez, and Jackie Earle Haley and this is, at the very least, the ultimate camp movie. The tone seems to fall like Burtons other movies, between serious and camp.

8. THE PIRATES! BAND OF MISFITS- You’ve never heard of it. Here’s all you need to know. It’s a new claymation comedy from the folks that did “Wallace and Gromit” and “Chicken Run.” If you need more convincing watch the trailers. Go ahead, that’s all it should take.

7. SILENT HOUSE- An American remake of a Spanish film is a classic haunted house flick with a twist. It’s shot in real time in one continuous take. It’s great to see a non-reliance on gore or digital effects to create thrills and suspense. It’s a true homage to old horror movies that know the scariest things are things you can’t see.

6. CABIN IN THE WOODS- Shelved for years, the horror film from Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard finally get’s is release. Nothing is ever what it seems with those two running the show. The movie looks like a cross between “Evil Dead” and “Cube” and stars a pre-”Thor” Chris Hemsworth! The only thing to expect with Cabin is how awesome it’s going to be.

5. BULLY- There’s a battle going on right now with the MPAA over the rating of “Bully.” See, it’s documentary about children being bullied in school and the problems it‘s causing. It’s a film that could literally change things and was made for not only adults but so teens can see what their doing. The importance of this film could be massive and the MPAA gave it an “R” rating, for language. There’s a petition online to show support for a reversal on the rating, and it should get it. It’s going to be a powerful movie, hopefully everyone will get to see it.

4. PROMETHEUS- Here’s what we do know: It’s a new sci-fi film from Ridley Scott (director of the first (and best, yes I said it) “Alien” movie). And it’s going to be big. Beyond that, there is only rumor and speculation. It’s possibly a prequel to the “Aliens” franchise. This is a beyond must see movie, what could possibly be bigger than this?

3. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES- Oh yeah, the final entry in a trilogy that inclues one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Seriously, everything about this looks incredible. Bane, Anne Hathaway, and… well, that would be spoiling things. What could be bigger than THIS?

2. BRAVE- Pixar can do no wrong (what’s “Cars 2?”). In the first non-sequel since 2009’s “Up” Pixar tells the story of a young princess breaking from her kingdom’s age old traditions. While the story itself is sounds interesting, it’s the lavish scenery and the more mature tone the movie is achieving that really makes this a must see. While still an all-ages movie, Pixar is going darker and if history is any indication (seriously, what’s “Cars 2?”) “Brave” could be their biggest and best effort yet.

1. THE AVENGERS- Was there ever any doubt? Honestly. Thirteen years ago when “X-Men” was released, Marvel was asked if there would be an “Avengers” movie. The reply stated that it’s be an impossibility; the expenses being astronomical. Now here we are, history in the making, the culmination of five years of teasing and planning, and the epic of superhero movies is happening. As if the existence of the movie wasn’t enough they gave the reigns to geek god Joss Whedon. The stakes are high and the hopes are higher than that. “Avengers” needs to be a slam dunk in every way, shape and form. With Whedon and the helm and Marvel Studios producing, there’s every indication that it will be.

Honorable Mentions:
IRON SKY- Nazi’s from the Moon. Sounds so bad it’s good.
AMERICNA REUNION The entire cast from “American Pie” returns. You kind of have to be in your twenties to really care about this film.
LOCKOUT- Spacejail has a break-out and Guy Pierce get’s sent in to save the president’s daughter who was there for some reason. Who cares, it looks like a bad ass action flick.