Myron Bolitar heading to tv?

I had not seen this, but I have to give a kudos to Mr. Gerald So for bringing it to my attention.

This is from Harlan Coben’s newsletter:

Hart Hanson, the creator and executive producer of the TV series BONES, is writing a pilot for Twentieth Century Fox studios and Fox network to bring Myron and the gang to a TV near you. The working title — and this could very easily change — is PROMISES AND LIES. Okay so let’s hear your casting suggestions for Myron, Win and Esperanza. Keep in mind that this is a TV series, not a movie, so if you’re thinking, say, George Clooney or Vince Vaughn, you’re probably wasting your time. That’s all the details I know now. As I know more, you’ll know more. You can email your suggestions to Yes, I will try to read them all, though please don’t expect replies. Thanks!

For those not familiar with the Bolitar series, Myron Bolitar is a former NBA first round draft choice. When his pro ball career ends before it really starts (his knee is blow out in a pre-season game), he goes to law school and becomes a sports agent.

Myron is assisted by Esperanza, a former pro-wrestler turned sports agent. She is sarcastic and does her best to keep Myron grounded.

Win is a rich financial advising “yuppy-psychopath.” Win looks like the kind of guy that got his ass kicked in school, but really would end up causing the school’s entire starting defensive line to miss out the season due to injuries. Think Christian Bale’s Patrick Batemen in American Psycho.

As it says above, Hanson is the creator of BONES, but he has also worked on Joan of Arcadia and Judging Amy. He also some work on Snoops with Gina Gershon, but I am sure that is something he would rather forget.

Hanson has done a solid job with Kathy Reich’s Dr. Temperance Brennan so I can see him doing this well.

One curious thing about this is that Harlan sold the film rights of Deal Breaker to Columbia. Is it possible we will see Myron both on the silver screen and on television?