Natasha Richardson R.I.P.

Natasha Richardson
May 11 1963 – March 18 2009

By now most have heard that actress Natasha Richardson has passed away. The cause of death being complications stemming from a skiing accident.

My own knowledge of her comes from the remake of The Parent Trap. Normally this is the kind of film I would above even if it meant chewing off my leg to escape a bear trap.

But, I stumbled across a scene between Ms. Richardson and Dennis Quaid. A very lovely scene between two sweet people. I watched the entire film and fell in love with this talented actress. She is beautiful and glamorous, but also comes across as a very real person. No small feat considering her family (daughter of Oscar winners Tony Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave, wife of Liam Neeson).

Many more will deliver tributes far more worthy of her, but I thought I would share my own introduction to Natasha Richardson.

My thoughts and condolences go out to her family.