NBC at it again: MURDER, SHE WROTE remake in the works.

NBC seems to be in love with the past. Despite having previous attempts flop, they are looking to remake yet another classic show.

Word has come that the Peacock network is planning  to redo MURDER, SHE WROTE.

The new series would star Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer (THE HELP) as a former hospital administrator turned mystery writer/detective.

The original series aired on CBS, from 1984 to 1996, and starred Angela Lansbury as former school teacher turned mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher. Wherever she went, folks started to drop like flies. For most of it’s run, it was a rating success and picked up a number of awards, including the Emmy, Golden Globe and Edgar.

Alexandra Cunningham is writing and Dvaid Janollari. Cunningham was a producer for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES as well as the failed U.S. version of PRIME SUSPECT. She got her start as a writer on NYPD BLUE. David was a producer for SIX FEET UNDER and the Damon Wayans series ONE ON ONE.

For those keeping track at home, NBC has already failed with IRONSIDE, the aforementioned PS and THE MUNSTERS. They also shot a pilot for THE ROCKFORD FILES that did not make it to series.

A modest suggestion: Look to the future, not the past.