NBC Attempting Yet Another Remake, This Time of IRONSIDE

Despite failing with THE MUNSTERS, KNIGHT RIDER, BIONIC WOMAN, PRIME SUSPECT and THE ROCKFORD FILES, NBC appears committed to using previous shows to build for the future.

It looks like the Peacock network (Do they still use the peacock?) is eyeing the 60s series IRONSIDE. In IRONSIDE, former San Francisco police chief Robert T. Ironside (originally played by Raymond Burr) was paralyzed in a failed assassination attempt. Unwilling to sit home and do nothing, Ironside returns as a consultant to the police with a small staff assisting him. He is confined to a wheel chair, but uses a custom van to get about. The series ran from 1967 to 74.

Producer Dave Semel is on board. Semel has worked on a number of series, including NO ORDINARY FAMILY, MY OWN WORST ENEMY and HOUSE. He directed a few episodes of the current season of FX’s acclaimed AMERICAN HORROR STORY.