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NBC still eying a relaunch of THE ROCKFORD FILES.

Some folks never learn.

NBC appears to, once again, be looking to relaunch THE ROCKFORD FILES. For those that are too young to remember, James Garner was, from 1974 to 1980, Jim Rockford, an ex-con P.I. Garner was amazing and the show itself was damn good. Earlier this year, NBC produced a pilot with Dermot Mulroney as Jim. Reports quickly came out that the pilot was…less than good and NBC opted to pass on it.

But I guess NBC did not learn from that failure and is still looking to relaunch the iconic series. Michael Ausiello is reporting that one name being tossed around is Josh Holloway. Holloway is known as James Sawyer Ford on ABC’s LOST.

Peter Berg is now connected to produce (along with David Shore of HOUSE) as possibly direct. Berg has spent the bulk of his career as an actor (He was a regular on CHICAGO HOPE), but directed HANCOCK and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, as well as producing TV’s TRAUMA and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

Give it up, leave this classic alone.