NBC/Universal acquires Hallinan’s Junior Bender series for TV

Timothy HallinanUniversal Television has optioned Timothy Hallinan‘s  Junior Bender novels by Timothy Hallinan for television. The plan is for the proposed series to air on an NBC network and be  produced by Eddie Izzard. Royal Pains co-executive producer, Jessica Ball, is slated to writ the pilot.


The Soho Crime series includes 4 novels (CRASHED LITTLE ELVISES, THE FAME THIEF and HERBIE’S GAME) and follows the adventures of Junior Bender, a world-class burglar who often moonlights as a private eye for some of LA’s most powerful crooks.  If Junior had his way, he would stick to stealing, and spending time with his brainy daughter, but the powers that in in the L.A. underworld can be very persuasive. Izzard is not, at this time, signed to star.