NCIS creator leaving show

The Hollywood Reporter says that NCIS creator/executive producer Don Bellisario is leaving the show.

There have been reports all over the net about the increasing tension between Bellisario and star Mark Harmon. Things reportedly came to a boil when Harmon threatened to leave the show.

The main issue seems to be the rather chaotic management style of Mr. Bellisario.

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“Mark’s been working every single day, 16 hours a day,” whispers one source. “[Don] tries to micro-manage everything. Script pages get faxed to the set at the last minute, and Mark is tired of dealing with the huge impact that makes on his life. He doesn’t have time for his family or anything when he’s working hours like that.”

With Bellisario gone, head writer Shane Brennon and Don’s Co-Executive producer Chas. Floyd Johnson will apparently be sharing the reigns.

It could be very interesting to see how this affects the show.

Two of the more recent removals/departures of show creators, Aaron Sorkin of The West Wing and Amy Sherman of The Gilmore Girls, have seen the shows struggle creatively and in the ratings.

Will NCIS be different? I hope so.

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