NCIS- Los Angeles Season 1

I am a big fan of the original NCIS, so of course I was interested in the spin off, especially after seeing the NCIS episodes that introduced it. I saw a few episodes, and while I didn’t think it was as good it seemed to be worth a gamble on DVD.

The show is entertaining and I like the people on the show but I think the writing is week. It feels very  formulaic and almost from a play book. It actually seems like the writers have not seen much TV themselves and don’t realize just how much of a cliche a lot of this really is, or they just think most TV viewers are dumb. Some of the dialogue is just a waste of words. There are so many times when a declarative sentence announces something so the audience will catch it, when in reality you’d have to be in the other room to miss it.
When something is supposed to be cute or funny the music changes to a playful sound, and then switches when we are getting a bond moment or a learning moment.It bugs me when music tries to manipulate instead of enhanec a show or movie.
Linda Hunt is one of my favorite actresses, but it seems real clear that she is here to offset the action sequences. Way too much time discussing clothes, and very heavy handed hints to an interesting past.
LL CoolJ is damn cool, and he is fun to watch here, but again, the character is a bit of a cliche. So is our brooding hero G Callen played by Chris O’Connell. foster homes, sad childhood, blah blah blah. Newbie is like McGee lite, computer guy is too nerd hip for his own good and the pretty girl is too cute. And the head shrinker Nate? Don’t get me started.
And yet I keep watching , episode after episode. I do like the interaction between the characters.The directing is actually pretty well done and would be great if the writing was stronger. Some of the plots are even a bit clver, but not a single one  stumped me.
Will I watch more, sure I will. Will I pull full price for the DVD sets, probably not.

NCIS: Los Angeles Seaon1 is out on DVD now.