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New KITT revealed and Hasslehoff will make an appearance in the new Knight Rider.

So it is official, David Hasslehoff will be making an appearance in the forthcoming Knight Rider teleflick. The Hoff played Michael Knight in the original series.

In addition to this nugget of news, the car(s) that will play KITT were revealed recently.

There are three of them. One is a remote controlled car, one a stunt car and one…well is just a car (albeit a fairly cool car).

In the original series, KITT was a Trans Am. This time around, it is a “Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR.” I put this in quotations because it is not as though I could tell you that by looking at it. I know NOTHINIG about cars other than they get me from point A to point B. You can check out video of the new car here.

But, it is a pretty cool looking vehicle.
Will Arnett will be the voice of KITT.

I don’t care how cool it looked; I would not want my car to talk to me. On a Monday morning, it is all I can do to get to work without having to discuss politics or the wretched performances of the local sports teams (Hey Timberwolves) with my car. The upside would be I could sleep on the way to work.

Ok, I am getting off track. Let us go back to discussing the new Knight Rider.

So let us quickly rundown the whos and whys of the new show.

Justin Bruening is Mike Traceur. Mike is the son of Michael Knight (David Hasslehoff) but he apparently does not know this when the show starts. He is a former Army Ranger and a “reluctant hero”…that certainly sounds like a new concept.

Mike is contacted by Sarah Graiman (Deanna Russo) the daughter of the creator of KITT, when she is contacted by KITT to warn her that dear old Dad is in trouble. Papa is Charles Graiman (Bruce Davison ). Yes, they have changed the last name of Charles. Don’t ask me why, none of the press releases gave a why.

Also in the cast is Sydney Tamiia Poitier as FBI agent Carrie Ruvai.

As I said, David Hasslehoff will be making an appearance as well.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say I had to fight VERY STRONG urges to make some alcohol related jokes at the expense of the Hoff, but am refraining because I am above that sort of thing…beside they seemed just too easy.

For those of you that had not heard, David Hasslehoff recently had two bouts of alcohol poisoning.

If this teleflick does well, it will serve as the pilot for a new series. Actually, unless it bombs that is the plan. Since the strike is still underway, no additional scripts have been written.