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new post Superman & Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves

Something stinks in Gotham City and it’s not the asylum. We see the worlds greatest detective, Batman, on the trail of a furry beast. A beast who is a very messy eater. This is where he meets Dimeter standing over what’s left of the breasts dinner. We soon learn that Dimeter is more than he first appears. This trade has a star studded cast of heroes all out to save the human race from these undead creatures and their wolf like companions. The cast includes Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Night Wing, others, and of course Superman, who finds that Kyrptonite is not the only thing that can harm him. What is it? Read and find out.

Kevin Vanhook weaves a terrific tale of one man’s quest to find and control the undead. and the Superheroes who will work to save humanity. Tom Mandrake’s art fits Kevin’s writting very well. It’s a little dark, but the blood flows crimson, and make the story that much better.

The intro by John Landis gives a little backround on both the storyline and the writter/artist.

Pick this book up.

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