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New Reviews august 3rd

The reviews are in. These graphic novels are outstanding and you should definately pick them up. So without any more fanfare. On with the comics.

Captain America The Choosen – Marvel Knights
“If this man should fall, who will pick up this flag.” That is one of my favorite lines from the movie “Glory”. Now, you may ask yourself why I would use a quote from a civil warmovie as a referance to this graphic novel? To answer that read Captain America The choosen.
Captain America is dieing, the Chemicals and horemones that gave him his super stength andphysical stature are now dispersing from his system and what little strength he does have left is being used to form “project multitude”. This storyline also follows a Marine Corporal, JamesNewman. A scared soilder who posesses all the traits that the Captain hold dear.Can Corporal Newmanovercome his fears and realize his full potencial?
Mitch Breitweiser’s art work is stunning. His images of a Captain America plagued by ageand his failing health are raw, powerful images. He also documents the courage of a young soildersfight to do what is nessesary to not only survive, but to save the lives of his fellow Marines.
David Morrell’s words are as moving as the images that Mitch Breitweiser has put with themThey are inspired, and keep the pages turning rapidly.This trade also ends with a short narative byMr. Morrell himself. In that he explains how he became involved with this project. Also a rough draftof the first installment of Captain America The Choosen. Complete with discription of panels and text. If you enjoyed First Blood( the book of course!) Pick this trade up, and let David Morrell introduse you to Captain America again.

Legion of Super Heroes 1,050 Years of the Future D.C. comics
This is one trade that almost reads like an ultimate edition. It carries all the important issues of the Legion from its humble beginnings to modern day. The legion is based in the future were teenagers with super powers save all sorts of planets including earth both in the past and futurefrom certain destruction.Together with Superboy (yep, you guessed it, a young Superman) this groupbattles evil in it’s many forms. Sometimes at great personal expense.
Also included within these pages is a list of each member of the Legion of Super Heroescomplete with their original name and plant of origin. Plus their super power and any special gear they are required to wear for their assignments.
This series has had some of the best in the business writting for them. However probably themost famous writter of this series is Jim Shooter who, at only thirteen, penned his first issue ofthe Legion! The great thing about the Legion is that several top writters have received their start within these pages.Writers like Paul Levitz, who also wrote the intro for this trade. Otto Binder, Jerry Siegel, and Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have all put their on stamp on the Legion.
Much like the writters, the artists who have contributed to the Legion’s pages have been like a who’s who in the comics world. From its earliest beginnings with Al Plastino through moreresent artist like Stuart Immonen. Each new artist has put their style onto the pages we see.
If you’ve never read The Legion of Super Heroes, Pick this trade up. The artwork and storylines will make you filp. Just remember one thing, The Legion will always stand for the highest level of truth and justice.
Elektra Marvel Knights

Elektra has been broken. Now the rebuilding can begin. But how do you rebuild an assassin?How do you take a perfect killing machine and teach them how to live again? Well, first you finda Sensei who’s been there, and back!
This trade starts a little slow, However the action picks up very quickly. Elektra’s newSensei, Drake, Doesn’t even want to train Elektra. But with the same determination that made Elektra one of the top assassin’s in the world. Her persistance pays off and Drake starts to retrain her.All the while the Hand has been out trying to reclaim their Perfect Death.
Greg Rucka is a great writter, whose words and desciptions of each panel really makes the storyline come alive. He really makes the reader what to see whats going to happen to the hero.He also makes the reader care about the charactors, and puts real emotion into the charactors.
The artwork of Joe Bennett, Carlo Pagulayan, and Carlos Megila is as intresting and vastlydifferent. These style really come out within the pages of this trade.It forces the reader the really look at each panel to take it all in. About half way through the trade a more Manga style is used. Which then changes back to a more American style. This is a graphic novel that anyone who enjoyes not only Elektra but seeing a strong female kick the crap out of the bad guy while not being the best good guy around. This is a superb read.