New Season of L & O:Criminal Intent

On April 19th the new season kicks off for Law and Order Criminal Intent on the USA NETWORK. This season introduces a new character and they are planning to go back to the edgier more psychological episodes.

The first episode is airing April 19th. In an episode called Playing Dead Detectives Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Eames played by Kathryn Erbe are working a case that will shake up the city government. It’s nice to see the show back to what made it great, Goren really getting into the cases and working them from inside the bad guys head.

one week later on April 26th:
The second episode is what made me sit up and take notice. I love the show and think that D’Onofrio and Erbe are great on it. I liked it when Chris Noth entered the picture and it was still terrific. This season they are bringing in a new detective. Jeff Goldblum as Detective Zach Nichols and Julianne Nicholson returns as Detective Wheeler. Nichols family background has both his parents as psychiatrists. he decided to be a cop, but after September 11th he took leave. Now he’s back and on Major Cases. He’s quirky and brilliant and totally different than Goren.
This episode introducing the new partners to each other and Nichols to the viewers involves a strange commune where rock star wanna bes and artists are all living in an old warehouse. One of them dies and the motives for the killing are basic, but catching the killer is the trick.

Goldblum works great in this role. I loved his early work and liked most everything he’s done. But here he is really embracing a character and running with it. The dynamic as the two partners get used to working with each other is realstic and well played.

The show is in great hands.

Now if they would only release the rest on DVD!

Check your local cable netwoowrk for the USA Network