THE NEWSMAKERS by Lis Wiehl Reviewed

Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuart
January 2016
Thomas Nelson

newsErica Sparks has plenty to overcome to succeed as a New York City Journalist, including a poor, rural upbringing that triggered her day-to-day battle with alcoholism, but her beauty and ambition help her land a job at flailing news network, GNN. While broadcasting live from Battery Park, Erica is the only network reporter on the scene when the Staten Island Ferry crashes into a seawall. Her scoop gives GNN its highest ratings and earns her overnight success and the admiration of station owner Nylan Hastings. Nylan sends his new star reporter to Los Angeles to interview former movie star and beloved governor Kay Barrish, who‘s expected to announce her presidential candidacy during Erica’s live interview. But halfway through she drops dead, leaving Erica to wonder whether the two tragedies might be more than a coincidence. Determined to discover the truth, she risks her own life to zero in on a killer and uncover a conspiracy.

Wiehl’s uncompromising characters battle dark pasts and propel the plot at supersonic speed. The journey from New York to L.A. and back again is a thrill ride of deceit, plot twists, and dilemmas that beg the question “How far is too far to push when you’re pursing the truth?” Short chapters, tight dialog, and nonstop action keep the pages turning with ever-increasing intensity. But the story is so real you can’t help feeling you’re a fly on the newsroom wall.

Award-winning author Lis Wiehl graduated from Harvard Law School and worked as a federal prosecutor before serving as legal analyst and commentator for Fox News Channel. Her works include three non-fiction and twelve fiction novels, including the Mia Quinn Mystery Series.
Ava Black