J.T. Ellison
Gallery Books

No One Knows is an engrossing thriller with secrets in the pages. Aubrey Hamilton is sad lonely adult who hides behind her childhood. The only person who she claims to love and trust is her childhood friend Josh who ended up becoming her husband and disappearing from Aubreys life. Aubrey only has a few friends you can trust, if you can call it trust. Aubrey ended up being the lead suspect during the trial of her missing husband. Even Josh’s own mother had a great dislike for Aubrey. So If Aubrey doesn’t know where or what happened to him who does??
When she finds herself acquitted of Josh’s murder, since his body was never found, Aubrey faces a long five years of missing him and living in almost solitude. She’s full of outspokenness, loneliness, and being a introvert. still choosing to be alone. Finally, the State of Tennessee declared Josh dead, Aubrey finally meets a man who she feels she is in love with. Her history of being in a psychiatric ward, isn’t far from the truth, as her friends again think she believes and see’s things that they don’t. Is she really in love or is this Aubrey settling for something a bit less. Again, the many faces of Aubrey finds more unsettling in those around her. Just who knows what, is pretty much the name of the game. Are any of these people even for real, and just who is lie in a cover up.\par A gifted and masterful mind, J.T. Ellison gives her readers exactly what they hope for. Penned with a golden heart for story telling, No One Knows will not disappoint.

Marie Nicoll