Noir at the Bar: Twin Cities

Noir at the Bar: TCNoir at the Bar is kinda like…a poetry slam. Yeah, that’s it. But it’s poetry that doesn’t rhyme. And instead of poems about trees, people read short stories about crime. With guns. And knives. And fists. And sex. And swearing.

Sometimes the crowd likes these stories. Sometimes they leave. Before the story is finished even. But that’s ok.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul area has a fantastic book community. Why the hell (Darn it. There’s a swear.) they let me hang out with ‘em is beyond me. I just like books, and telling other people about those books that I like. I don’t swear too much, usually.

So when author and Minnesota resident Anthony Neil Smith gave a shout-out one day on the Twitters asking who would be interested in having one of these word fests with booze, your damn (Oops. There’s another curse word!) right Kate and I jumped up and said, “You’re fucking (Oh, I give up.) right we’ll help!” Along with Paul von Stoetzel and Bridget Cronin, we’ve become quite the brain trust.

Well, that was two events ago. We’ve been lucky to have published authors come in from all across the Midwest. And the folks in the seats seem to have enjoyed themselves. Except that group that left early. But that’s more of a Badge of Honor, truth be told. Thursday, January 23rd will see us hosting our third N@B event. The good folks at Dangerous Man Brewing Company are kind enough to host us, and we are sure as shit (Cursing is fun!) going to drink up their tasty, tasty beer.

So if you find yourself in the frozen wastes of Minneapolis, pull up a stool and listen up as Kristi Belcamino, Matthew Clemens, and Dan O’Shea spin us some truly twisted tales about crimes and misdemeanors. Who am I kidding? These are sure-as-shit felonies.


Dan (and Kate) Malmon