November is bringing us another edition of The Princess Bride

MGM/Fox has confirmed that November will see a 20th Anniversary edition of The Princess Bride.

Now I know some of you are saying “But jeremy, didn’t we get an edition of The Princess Bride last year?”

Yes, we did…two editions actually. The Dread Pirate edition and the Buttercup edition. They were the same edition with different covers. These were a step up from the 2001 Special edition that was released. The special edition was, of course, much better than the 2000 release that was …well just a plain old release.

The 20th Anniversary edition will be released on November 13th. I don’t have the complete specs for it, but I do know it will have the following:

True Love and High Adventure: The Official Princess Bride DVD Video Game
Yes, we get a game. Since I have not gotten the DVD yet, I can’t say just how cool it is, but upon asking the fine folks at Fox about it, I was told:
As a special added bonus, The Princess Bride 20th Anniversary Edition DVD features “The Official Princess Bride DVD Game.” Produced by Worldwide Biggies, the game leaves behind the simple text-based, slideshow nature of most DVD games, and transforms the film’s favorite live action actors into fully animated characters in a graphic novel type setting.

“The Official Princess Bride DVD Game” begins during Episode Two after Vizzini, Montoya and Fezzik kidnap Princess Buttercup. Players will assume the role of their favorite characters in a series of interactive challenges and will be rewarded with gems for completing an activity or for receiving an exceptional score. New content, extras and gems can be redeemed at

I have to say, it sounds fairly cool.
Anyway, here is the rest of the other confirmed new contents:
Princess Bride: The Untold Tales Featurette
The Art of Fencing Featurette
Fairytales and Folklore Featurette

I am guessing at it will also contain of the bonus features from the previous editions.
Once I have it, I will let everyone know it is worth adding to your ever expanding Princess Bride library.

Oh, one more thing: There is a contest in conjuction with this release:
“In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of The Princess Bride, MGM Home Entertainment is launched the “Ode To Princess Bride” Sweepstakes, an online contest that provides an “editor’s tool kit” with video, audio and music from the film and allows fans to create their own “Ode to The Princess Bride” video trailer. The contest winners will be selected by Norman Lear and Rob Reiner. One grand prize winner will receive a state-of-the-art Panasonic Home Theater package and The Princess Bride script autographed by Rob Reiner and Norman Lear. For more information, please visit”

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