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Now for something a little different

Looking for comics, but don’t have a shop close by? Perhaps it’s 11:00p.m. on a Saturday night and your itching for a comic fix. Or, lets say you really want something to read ,but cash is a little low? What are you going to do? I’ll tell you, go to www.zuda.com and check out the online comics available.
There are comics for all age groups and all style of reading. No, there is no Preacher, Spider-man, or Hellblazer. But there are excellent storylines sure to draw you in and keep you coming back for more. Zuda is an off shoot of DC comics and if you like what you see at DC you’ll love the new adventures these comics will offer.
One story inperticular really caught my attention and I was very happy to see it was released into an actual print release. High Moon is a cross between a western story with werewolves. check it out, you’ll thank me later.
Other titles I’m currently following are: Bottle of Awesome, Devil’s Wake, Azure. There are others, but if I list them all you will see that I follow almost all of them as they are all works in progess and are updated all the time.
Lastly if you really like a perticular comic you can vote for it and leave comments for everyone to read. Check this site out. I even made a link for you. Save it as a favorite as you will want to check back often. (much like this blog:))