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Oh The Irony

In today’s world a lot of information is easy to get, it right at your fingertips on the same device that brought you here. The internet will help you research and get you the background you need on almost any subject.

So why is it that people who choose to go the route of using a vanity press and paying to have their book printed can’t understand why people don’t want to take them serious?

A traditional publisher, regardless of promotion they do or don’t do, will make the book easy to get for bookstores. This is huge. Being able to order from Baker and Taylor or Ingram is very important. As is having the discount set the same as other publishers.

I’ve heard people say things like ” I can bring the books right to the bookstore” , “I can discount”, “I’ll take returns”. But the truth is it doesn’t matter most times. Because there is still something else missing. A reputation, a history, a track record.

The traditional publishers, big and small have a reputation. Among other things it includes not complaining when a bookstore won’t carry a book.

Some other things occur because of the same problem.
“Why won’t the local radio and TV shows have me on?”
“Why won’t major publications review me?”
“Why doesn’t the local library want to do a reading?”
The list goes on.

Why? Because they want someone with a name that people recognize. Even with a major house behind you getting noticed is hard. Trying to do it with a book from Authorhouse any other vanity press is going to be a lot harder.

People published with the traditional publishers have payed their dues. Many received countless rejections before getting published. It takes work and dedication and a willingness to wait.

I’m not saying no one should self publish or go to a vanity press.

I AM SAYING: ” Don’t be shocked when you have trouble getting noticed”