Oliver Stone to tackle the words of Don Winslow.

Oliver Stone is looking to bring the characters of Don Winslow to the big screen. No, not THE WINTER OF FRANKIE MACHINE, which seemed a sure thing for the big screen when it came out, but SAVAGES.
SAVAGES will be released in July and is described thusly:

Two pals from Laguna Beach share the same girlfriend and a thriving business growing and distributing the best-quality pot on the planet. When they resist being muscled by a Mexican drug cartel, the girl is kidnapped and the ransom is every cent they’ve made for the last five years. They agree to pay but hatch an alternate plan to get her back, get revenge, and then get lost.

According to Deadline, Stone will be financing the project himself. A move that would give him complete control over the project.

After delivering books like CALIFORNIA FIRE AND LIFE, the aforementioned FRANKIE MACHINE and the mind-bogglingly awesome DAWN PATROL (If you have not read it, get off your ass and do so!), Winslow has become one of my favorite authors. He consistantly such a high caliber of books that he is as close to a sure thing as as crime fiction has.