Reed Coleman at Once Upon A Crime

Monday night, Reed Farel Coleman made an appearance at Once Upon A Crime. Reed was promoting GUN CHURCH, his new stand-alone. While Reed is from New York, he is one of OUAC’s best-selling authors. Clearly we Twin Citians know quality when we read it.

Kip Weiler is a former ’80s literary wunderkind who has fallen on hard times. Due to his foibles and insecurities and twenty years removed from his last novel, he’s teaching creative writing at a rural community college. One day Kip prevents his class from being slaughtered by a gun toting student. This gets Kip a second fifteen minutes of fame and, more importantly, relights his desire to write. Little does he realize the novel he’s working on may well be the blueprint of his own demise. He gets deeply involved with two of his students and a cult-like group who are obsessed with the intrinsic nature of handguns. Things really get funky when art begins to imitate art imitating life.

It’s Wonder Boys meets Fight Club with guns.

The story of GUN CHURCH has been percolating in Reed’s mind for a number of years before making onto paper and is a definite departure from the Moe Prager books.

Reed will be appearing at Poisoned Pen, in Scottsdale AZ, tomorrow.