On the Road – with Jenny Milchman

JennyMilchman (6)Despite the snowy weather debut author Jenny Milchman came into
Milwaukee, she did the Morning Blend TV show and then later a signing
over at Mystery One Books which is where we caught up with her. For
someone touring with a book called COVER OF SNOW (Ballantine) it seemed like a perfect night to meet her and talk books.

For all of you folks working on getting published, this was her debut
book, but also her 8th book written and it’s proof the perseverance pays off. COVER OF SNOW is an amazing debut.

About the book: Nora Hamilton wakes one winter morning to find her
police officer husband dead of an apparent suicide. Having trouble
believing he would kill himself she begins to look into what really
happened. It’s terrific suspense and does superb job of using the
characters grief not for sympathy but as motivation.  I can’t wait to
read her next book.

Jenny herself is delightful and a joy to be around. And, she started
bring your child to a bookstore day, so we love her even more for that.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jennymilchman
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jennymilchman

You can catch her on her “Let It Snow” tour here: