Once Upon A Crime For Sale


Once Upon a Crime
is up for sale

Pat and I have come to the difficult decision that it’s time for someone else to own Once Upon a Crime. The major factor in this decision is time – we’re not getting any younger. And speaking for myself,  given that I’ve been undergoing cancer treatments since last October, I’m not getting younger at a faster pace! We’ve owned OUAC for 13 years as of Aug.1, and the store continues to thrive. My cancer relapse certainly is a motivating factor to sell, but regardless of that, we knew that the day was coming soon that we would have to. We just hope there is someone out there who will eagerly take the reins.

I could go on and on about what a rewarding thrill ride these last 13 years have been — being a major hub for touring authors and a haven for local; going to New York to accept the Raven Award; actually getting paid for reading and talking about books; getting books dedicated to us; being made characters in books . . . Have to say we’ll miss it. And, of course, we’ll dearly miss our loyal customers who made this whole endeavor possibe and worthwhile.

This of course won’t happen overnight – we’re just now getting the word out. Ideally, we would hope to close on or about the end of this calendar year. Until then, we’ll still be booking authors and selling books.

Gary & Pat

Once Upon A Crime
604 W. 26th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55405