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Tasha Alexander: The end of 2016.

Jedediah Ayres: All the “the Mayans were just a couple years off” op-eds… I mean, America being great again.

Laura Benedict: I’m very much looking forward to my son getting his driver’s license. No more Mom Taxi!

James Benn: A warm winter season on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

CJ Box: Elk steaks. Oh, and two new books coming out (VICIOUS CIRCLE in March, PARADISEimg_0004 VALLEY in July).

Alafair Burke: Appearing at Harrogate for the very first time and otherwise having newfound scheduling freedom since reducing my law school teaching load to one semester.

Kurt Busiek: Well, I was looking forward to 2017 not being as much of a hellpit as 2016, but it looks like that ship’s sailed.

So I’m looking forward to distracting myself with work and with books: THE WANTED by Robert Crais, THEIR FINEST HOUR AND A HALF by Lissa Craig, GOLDEN PREY by John Sandford, THE HANGING TREE by Ben Aaronovitch, SINCE WE FELL by Dennis Lehane, more KILL OR BE KILLED by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, hopefully something by Michael Connelly…

Jessie Chandler: I’m looking forward to regrouping, writing the first book in a brand new series, escaping into the words of Crimespree (of course!) and my favorite crime writers while quietly plotting with District 10, because, you know, we’re still here.

Reed Farrel Coleman: Funny, Jon, life has taught me to take it as it comes. Four years ago, I could never have foreseen how my life and career would change. So I don’t look too far ahead. When I look behind me, though, I realize that I’ve been fortunate. How many people get to do what they love for a living? How many people that you knew in high school or college actually went on to be what they were meant to be or wanted to be? I’m just happy my family is healthy and that I’m vertical and in print. I stole that line from Lee Child.

Max Allan Collins: Receiving the Grand Master “Edgar” in New York in April. Also, being alive.

Bill Crider: I’m looking forward to being cancer-free.

Blake Crouch: Twin Peaks, Season 3twinpeaks-season-3-poster

Hilary Davidson: 2016 was a tough year for me and a lot of the people I love. Right now, 2017 looks like a dark road ahead, but there are points of light. Any event that brings the crime-fiction community together is a bright spot, and I’ve got Bouchercon Toronto, Suspense Night in St. Louis, and the Queens Book Festival to look forward to, plus a lot of Noir at the Bar nights.

Chris Ewan: I’m looking forward to more great crime books to read, catching up with folks I missed in 2016 and, fingers crossed, to my baby boy sleeping through the night.

Meg Gardiner: Books, books, and more books. Reading them, sharing them with my family and friends, talking and arguing about them, then reading some more. And seeing my new novel, UNSUB, hit stores in June. And of course writing them!

Victor Gischler: I’m looking forward to meeting the deadlines on one comic book project and one novel project so I can clear the decks and work on a project I’m excited about but have had to put on the back burner.

Heather Graham: Getting to pass on the ThrillerMaster Award to Lee Child. I received it this year from R. L. Stine and pass it on in 2017 to Lee. Who could ask for more?

Carolyn Hart: Finishing the first draft of GHOST ON THE CASE, then taking a vacation! Wishing everyone a grand 2017.

Ellen Hart: “Finishing my 34th book, attending the Edgar’s ceremony, and a long vacation with
my family at Blue Fin Bay on the North Shore of Lake Superior.”

Rob Hart: Rough Trade author Todd Robinson’s sex-reassignment surgery, tentatively scheduled for the spring. It’s time for the world to meet Tammy Robinson.

Chris Holm: Star Wars: Episode VIII, the return of Twin Peaks, Caleb Carr’s first Laszlo Kreizler book in twenty years, and hanging with my crime-fic family at Bouchercon Toronto. (It’s weird to me that three of my four picks are nostalgic in nature, but it’s hard to predict what awesome new stuff I’ll discover in the coming year.)

Harry Hunsicker: Thanks for asking! I am looking forward to the release of my seventh crime
thriller, THE DEVIL’S COUNTRY, due out in March.

Gregg Hurwitz: Meeting readers on the road, my New Zealand and Australia tour, the release of my first movie (The Book of Henry), and the Lego Batman Movie.

Laurie King: Is there anything to look forward to in 2017? I mean, it can’t be worse than 2016, can it? Please? I’m looking forward at a shitload of work and a government that isn’t doing its job. On the other hand, I live in California, so at least I’m surrounded by the sane. And yes, it’s been a long time since I called my fellow Californians the sane ones.

Laura Lippman: 2016 being over.

Jess Lourey: Overthrowing the patriarchy, leading writing retreats in Europe, finishing my darkest novel yet, and perfecting my white chili recipe. Also, overthrowing the patriarchy.

Val McDermid: The 30th anniversary of REPORT FOR MURDER, my first published novel!

Sara Paretsky: Learning to live without health care, Social Security or the First Amendment.

Brad Parks: More words. Please, God, more words.

Twist Phelan: Returning to favorite countries in my travels, releasing a pair of standalone novels in addition to more in the Finn series, and reading, reading, reading!

Gary Phillips: Surviving Trump.

Ian Rankin: In 2017 I’ll be celebrating 30 years of Rebus. Including a weekend Rebus Fest in Edinburgh where I get to DJ, listen to some favourite live musicians, and hang out in bars with Rebus fans.
Though the almost-certain arrival of World War 3 may have some impact on these plans.

Todd Robinson: Jordan Harper’s novel, SHE RIDES SHOTGUN. Other than that, pizza.

Hank Phillippi Ryan: On the very micro level? I am looking forward to a lovely finished manuscript. And to finding a title. My new book is due at the publisher on January 1, and right now I am beseeching the powerful forces of the universe to make sure that happens.

On the very macro level? People always say “peace and love” but let me add sanity and compassion and patience and bravery–somehow this year that seems even more important.
Maybe there will be a new season of Goliath and someone will explain what happened at the end of season one.

Finally, I wish there were some way that time would go by more slowly. Maybe that will happen this year.

Jeff Siger: Anything but more of the same. In other words, Santa, a little less coal in our world’s stocking for 2017 would be greatly appreciated.

Karin Slaughter: Embracing more diversity in the crime community.

Wendy Corsi Staub: Everything until January 20th.

Wallace Stroby: Looking forward to working more and worrying about it less.
Not looking forward to watching what happens with my country between now and Jan. 1, 2018.

Duane Swierczynski: Waking up on January 1st and realizing, twist-ending style, that 2016 was just a dream.