Jimmy Palmiotti Picks his Five Sexiest Noir Films

I’ve been a fan of Jimmy Palmiotti for quite a while and I love all his work. His last Kickstarter with his group at Paperfilms was DENVER and it is a terrific book. They are currently running a kickstarter for a follow up to the popular SEX AND VIOLENCE. With a title like that how can you not be intrigued? I’ve been thrilled with every book Jimmy is involved with and can’t wait for this one. In the spirit of the nature of the book Jimmy gave us a list of what he considers the sexiest noir films. ~ Jon

Here’s Jimmy:

Sexy Noir usually includes a Femme Fatale, and I think these films featured some of the best. Other than postman, I kept to the films that have come out in my lifetime.

Body-HeatBecause I was 20 when it came out, BODY HEAT was a very sexy noir movie that stayed with me a long time. Kathleen turner was the new “ it” girl at the time and there were scenes in this movie so over the top that I ate it up like a 2-dollar sandwich. There was murder, foul language and nudity. You believed Hurt and Turner were on fire and willing to do anything to be together. It worked for me.



PostmanLana Turner turned it on in THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE. The minute Garfield walks into that Diner, we just knew there was going to be trouble. Like all good noir, it starts with the affair and then talks turns to murder. They remade this one years later featuring Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson and it just didn’t have the same power to it. Don’t get me wrong, Jessica was stunning, but it just didn’t have the heat of the original.




LastLinda Fiorentino in THE LAST SEDUCTION played the coldest woman I have ever seen on the screen. She uses and plays every single person around her to get what she wanted, and it was fun to watch this process unfold. Her character was both sexy and scary because we kept trying to find a soul somewhere under that white silk blouse.



dieforI found Nicole Kidman’s character in TO DIE FOR just a horrible human being. Her motivations were all about her ambition and she crossed every single line to get what she wanted…even recruiting a couple of teenagers to do her dirty work. I thought she was great in this role.



basic-instinctSharon Stones breakout role was BASIC INSTINCT. I am not a big fan of the actual story, or even the telling of it, but I did love what Sharon Stone did here and the way she played everyone around her. I thought the ending had no balls, but the ride there was fantastic and reflected the times. She was all attitude and sexuality.


Jimmy is currently prepping SEX AND VIOLENCE volume 2, a full color, soft cover 64 page graphic novel about crime, lust, and redemption split into three distinctively different stories sharing similar themes written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and drawn by Romina Moranelli, Rafa Garres , Vanesa R. Del Rey and Paul Mounts. Excessive nudity and violence makes this an ADULTS ONLY title.

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palmprofileJimmy Palmiotti is an award-winning writer and comic artist. He is currently co-writing the bestselling HARLEY QUINN comic series with his wife and frequent collaborator Amanda Conner and STAR-SPANGLED WAR STORIES with Justin Gray. He and Gray also adapted Hugh Howey’s bestselling novel WOOL with Hugo Award-nominated artist Jimmy Broxton for Amazon’s Jet City imprint. Palmiotti’s other comics work includes ALL-STAR WESTERN, BACK TO BROOKLYN, BATWING, JONAH HEX, MONOLITH, PAINKILLER JANE, POWER GIRL, THE PRO, TRAILBLAZER, and TIME BOMB. He has successfully funded six graphic novels via Kickstarter through Paperfilms, which he founded with Conner and Gray in 2001.